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Mary-Lou Lloyd

Mary-Lou Lloyd



Acta non verba
Actions not words

Mary Lou is a Fraser coast identity known for her ability to source all things possible.

Approaching 30 years in the industry and still has her passion for getting up every morning, Mary-Lou has not only the knowledge and ability, but also the foresight to list your property, and stage it personally, if need be. It’s these little touches which make for a hassle-free sale.

Looking to sell your property, a meeting with Mary-Lou will show you that you’re in the company of a Hervey Bay local with great experience in the game. And rest assured, Mary Lou has a regularly updated list of clients looking for a property to their particular needs in Hervey Bay and the surrounding Fraser coast.

Her sales performance speaks for itself, and she has a generous and charismatic approach to all dealings, be it purchases or listings for sale. So call now, or even better, drop in for a the best real estate coffee (gourmet) in Hervey Bay (Jemma is a whizz on the machine) and share your visions, needs, desires and wants with Mary-Lou and Jemma at the Blue House!

Fresh fruit and veg? Best restaurants in town? Mary-Lou can help you with any of your local needs.

Who knows? You may even be graced by The CEO (Cat executive Officer) Oscar in one of his daily pieces of exclusive couture!
Oscar is definitely a collar and tie man who chooses people; People don’t choose him!

P.S We treat people as humans and not just 'clients'.